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Frequently Asked Wi-Fi Related Questions

Q: What is Wi-Fi?

A: Wi-Fi is a technology used to create wireless networks; its abbreviation comes from “Wireless Fidelity”. Many people refer to Wi-Fi as being “wireless Internet”, because that’s the main use of the Wi-Fi technology.

Often times, people that are using their smartphones in a café are making use of the free Wi-Fi signal provided by the café owners to access the Internet.


Q: How old is Wi-Fi?

A: The technology was invented in the late 90s, even though the first devices that used wireless communication didn’t appear until 2000. Companies used lots of cables to connect their computers in a network back then, so Wi-Fi has made everything simple by helping companies get rid of all their network cables.

wifi adapter

Later on, hot-spots appeared in hotels, airports, etc., allowing people to connect to the Internet without having to rely on a wired network.


Q: What can I do to boost the Wi-Fi signal in my home?

A: Begin by moving your router around, until you find a position that provides the best signal. If this solution fails, you can use SMA antennas and RP-SMA cables to bypass the router’s antennas. This method will allow you to experience a significant Wi-Fi signal boost.


Q: What’s with those B, G, N, etc. letters that are sometimes printed on the Wi-Fi devices’ boxes?

A: Technology evolves and Wi-Fi isn’t left behind. Each new standard provides greater speeds, security improvements, greener features, and so on.

wifi router

If your Wi-Fi devices only support the B and G standards, for example, you are missing out of the faster speeds provided by Wi-Fi N. And faster Wi-Fi network speeds mean faster download speeds, better video streaming, and so on.


Q: Are Wi-Fi networks insecure?

A: Yes, many wireless networks are insecure. Since all your data travels through the air, it can be intercepted and decoded. This is why it’s mandatory to use an encrypted Wi-Fi network.


Q: Is my computer protected from viruses if I make use of an encrypted Wi-Fi network?

A: No, this step will only prevent people from getting access to your data by spying on your wireless network, but doesn’t do anything against the hackers that want to get inside your computer using the Internet. You will also need a good antivirus program and ideally an antispyware program as well, if you want to keep the bad guys at bay.


Q: What is Mobile Wi-Fi?

A: Mobile Wi-Fi is a technology that allows several devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) to share a mobile Internet connection.

In many ways, mobile Wi-Fi is similar with a portable hotspot. If your mobile connection can access the Internet, the connection will then be shared among the connected devices. Internally, Mobile Wi-Fi devices are small modems that also include a 3G SIM. As soon as these modems connect to the mobile phone network, they can start acting like standard Wi-Fi access points.

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