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1. Several people have decided to get their heads shaved in order to help cancer research in Boise, Idaho. The participants have asked for money from their friends and family members, in exchange for the privilege to see them go bald. The money gathered was donated to a children’s cancer research fund. The event is organized every year.

2. A new study has showed that money can buy willpower indeed. People on a diet could win or lose 20 dollars a month if they enrolled in a program created to help them lose pounds. The program was conducted at Mayo Clinic and was the longest to demonstrate that money given as incentives had a great power making people lose weight. On the other hand, people had to pay money if they could not lose weight.

cancer research initiative

Cancer Research Initiative

3. After a woman turns 50, losing weight gets more and more difficult. One explanation is the hormone change in her body: the cortisol level increases and this makes the body store more fat on thighs and stomach.

Specialists have noticed that once a woman gets older, the muscle mass is declining, and muscles are replaced by fat. The good news is that doctors can create personalized diets for each woman and if seriously kept, these diets can help a lot.

4. Older people are not at all helped by the flu shot that has been used this year; only 9 percent of the old people state that the flu shot has helped them. As a result, many older people have been hospitalized with flu this year.

5. A new Vein Center in Idaho is presenting the next generation of medical services offered to patients with swollen veins. Half of all Americans over 50 and close to two thirds of women over 60 have this problem. The varicose veins are sometimes visible in the teenage years as well.

This is a condition that is genetically transmitted from generation to generation, so if your mother had this medical problem, it is very possible that you are going to have it as well. The physical activity is very helpful to prevent or postpone the start of the problems. It is a progressive condition that gets worse if not treated properly.

6. Cinnamon has proved to be of great help once again, and specialists recommend incorporating it in our diets on a regular basis. It prevents and combats diabetes, as it behaves in the organism like an insulin substitute for persons diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

This is a recent result of a study conducted by the University of California, Santa Barbara, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Iowa State University. Since cinnamon is capable of potentiating the insulin in the body, the conclusion is that it has the potential to prevent and overcome diseases like diabetes.

7. Due to the Daylight Saving Time, people lose one hour of sleep and this is very dangerous for those that drive a car in the morning. The risk is to get sleepy while driving, says the National Transportation Safety Board.

March 3-10 was elected to be the week of National Sleep Awareness Week, which was planned as an event that highlights tragedies that are caused by sleep loss. Sleep deprivation is strongly linked to the mistakes drivers make when driving their cars.

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